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Mole Removal

Dravya oil made with 52 natural influential Herbs, Dravya oil may give you pretty quick result when used on models that are small and have Shallow roots,

The moles that have pretty deep roots and are Maligent, Well it depends on the size of your mole and how deeply it is amended into your skin childhood malls 3 and 4 moles no issue you are all time always will be removed and you have to wait for at least a couple of weeks before notice any result and also duration of treatment depends on the size of the most after using two three months eventually you will see that the entire either the mall has shrunk or it has fallen of exposing clear skin modern the skin will be sensitive the good thing about this treatment method is that this is completely natural person Esteem extremely safe so you don’t have any risk of infection it will not leave any square market behind you can use on any part of your body hassle free

How to use Dravya oil

Now what are the ways to use of oil for mole removal let’s take a look. Take a small drop in Dropper,
Place the Droppers swab on the mole and let it dry
leave it on for several Hours and wash the area With water, you can use it night time only, but for the instant relief you can repeat this day time, keep continue this process until the moles Disappears,

Reason Behind

What causes Moles to suddenly appear,
What causes Moles on face and body
When cells in the skin (Melanocytes) grow in clusters or clumps, melonocytes are distributed throughout your skin and produce Melanin, the natural pigment that gives your skin its colour,
The cause of moles in nat well understand its thought to be an interaction of genetic factor and sun damage ellergy in most cases,
Moles usually emerge in childhood time and adolescence and change in size and color as you grow.
New Moles commonly appear at times when your hormone level change, ellergic Reason
In some cases during the pregnancy, during the teen years. During after cross age 30 years.


Ayurvedic Dravya oil made with 52 natural divine Herbs, thuja occidentalis leaf, samara seeds, chinkapin seeds, winged seed, sycamore, Mulberry multiple leaf, leafi seed, Amla, Chitharatha leaf, changolam, Rosemary, coriander leaf, fennel leaf, catnip, Aloe vera leaf lemon grass leaf, oreganosil leaf, mint leaf, Picca glauca seeds, balsam fir leaf, and with the many influential herbs etc.

Moles Types

Result after Dravya oil


3 of successful offline and online service with the true hearts we have put in all our time, postive thought to make this oil for you.
But if you ask 100% guarantee/ yes definitely but sometime in some cases not got same result like others, we can’t Assure, because each individuals face skin mole size condition/food/habit/Lifestyle stress factor is unique, some people stay positive and hopeful, some people doubt everything some just count the days focusing on application, we would not claim are our 100% customer are satisfied but 90% of them satisfied, got 100% relief.
we also recommend you to try this once,





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